Dining room, Cafe, Bar

Kumagai Ryokan Dining room

A cafe, restaurant, and izakaya located on the first floor of our facility.
You are also very welcome to use it only for meals. It is also a place of relaxation for local residents.

We welcome not only customers who use rooms with a coworking plan, but also customers who only use meals and cafes.
We offer homely yet authentic Japanese-Western style cuisine.

  • Closed / Sundays and Mondays

Lunch & Cafe time

Hours of operation/ 11:30 – 15:00

At lunchtime, the set meals of the day and pasta are popular. In addition, we also recommend the café menu of carefully brewed a siphon coffee, handmade sweets and baked goods.

Popular lunch menu (as of May 2023)
■Daily Set Meal (Meat/Fish):1,100 yen each
■Fried chicken set meal:990 yen
■Napolitan pasta (with salad and soup):990 yen
■Japanese-style soup pasta (with salad):990 yen

*All lunch meals come with coffee.

cafe menu
■ Cake set: 1,100 yen
*You can choose from coffee, tea, or orange juice for the set drink.
■Special siphon coffee: 550 yen

In addition, there are various handmade sweets and drinks.

Dining & Izakaya Time

Hours of operation/ 17:30 – 22:00

In addition to the meal menu, there are plenty of dishes that go well with alcohol, such as fresh sashimi, seafood, meat, and Western-style dishes. There are many regular customers who use it as an izakaya because we have a carefully selected selection of liquor such as sake, shochu, wine, and whiskey.
*Last entry until 21:00

Popular menu(as of May 2023)
■Small bowl set(6 dishes): 1,100 yen
■Sashimi (single item): From 770 yen
■Today’s fish and meat dishes: 770 yen each
■Omelette: 660 yen
■Pizza pie: 1,100 yen
■Assorted cheese: 1,100 yen

We also have a meal menu and assorted menu.

Piano bar Nikkatei(Direct store)

A piano bar located in the back street of Morioka’s busiest street, Odori.
Enjoy authentic cocktails and whiskeys with live music as BGM.

A long-established piano bar run by Kumagai Ryokan. The stone exterior and tasteful interior are reminiscent of a European pub. In addition, the soothing live performances by our dedicated pianist make the cocktails and whiskeys from around the world made by veteran masters even more delicious.
Also, the piano numbers are played regardless of the genre according to the atmosphere. We will also respond to requests, so please feel free to contact us. There is also a light meal menu.
It is an 8-minute walk from Kumagai Ryokan, so please enjoy the Morioka night slowly.

  • 2-6-25 Odori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture Google Map >
  • TEL 019-624-6834
  • Hours of operation/ 19:00 – 3:00 the next day
  • Closed/ Sundays